Minggu, 26 Februari 2017

Bubble Mansion

Want to party with the rich and famous? Take a tour of the notorious haven Marion Cotillard, Rhys Ifans and Pierce Brosnan frequent after runway shows – an extravagant pink bubble palace on the French hills of Cannes. Owned by Italian designer Pierre Cardin, this interesting architectural piece is made up of ten interconnected domes over 1,200 square metres. Designed to recreate a modern version of a pre-historic cave, it’s on the market for a cool £300 million pounds – or £730 pounds, per person, per night. Take a squiz at its ten space-aged rooms, three swimming pools, luxurious gardens, and 500-person amphitheatre, all complete with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean.

Spread across the mountainous Massif de L’Esterel, Pierre Cardin’s unique mansion dots the region with an array of pink-dome-shaped forms. Interspersed by circular pools and palm trees, Hungarian architect Antti Lovag based the sprawling mansion on pre-historic dwellings. Circular in shape with no right-angled forms, each bubble evokes a past era during the day or night.

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